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NanoPhos' Products Evaluated by Friendly Materials © 2018 / 2019


We are very proud to announce that NanoPhos' Products; SurfaPaint Kirei, SurfaPaint ThermoDry Interior and SurfaPore C, have received SILVER medal for the categories  "Photocatalytic & Decontaminating Paint" and "Indoor Paint" by Friendly Materials inspired by PMMT!

Specifically, SurfaPaint Kirei has achieved a score of 81/95FMP qualifying with a SILVER medal for the category of "Photocatalytic & Decontaminating Paint".

Kirei Silver Medal


SurfaPaint ThermoDry Interior  has accomplished a score of 77/91FMP qualifying with a SILVER medal for the category of "Indoor paint".

SurfaPaint ThermoDry Interior


Last but not least, SurfaPore C has attained a score of 77/91FMP qualifying with a SILVER medal for the category of "Indoor Paint".

SurfaPore Silver Medal

With such recognition, NanoPhos demonstrates to raise awareness on non-toxic build environments and on healthy building design, as well as promoting transparency on the building materials’ industry.

Special thanks and credits to NanoPhos' representative in Spain, NanoAvant SL.

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GAIA Awards 2010 - Finalist


Certificat 100% London Detail Award

Certificat ISO – 9001

Certificat ISO – 14001

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